Hand Magnets

Hand Magnets

Hand Magnets from AZ Industries are sturdy, strong and perfect for picking up nails and bolts anywhere. We offer both retail and wholesale hand magnets for use in your shop, store, warehouse, or other working environment.  Save time and trouble when cleaning up your floor or difficult to reach spaces where metallic object fall. Keep sharp objects out of your vacuum with this convenient hand magnet.

These are the units you have seen in the hardware stores for picking up nails and bolts.

Hand magnets are great to use a separators for materials in a variety of work and industrial environments.  Separate iron materials from other metals, or separate iron materials from non-metallic items such as Styrofoam peanuts, or wooden pieces. These magnets can remove iron objects from liquid containers – such as a bucket of paint. Flooring and roofing contractors will quickly find these hand magnets to be an item they can’t live  without on the work site.

These hand magnets are resistant to heat. These hand magents have a sturdy, easy to grasp handle.



Convenient Hand Magnets

With a pull of the handle, all of the nails and bolts drop off. These units have many uses around the shop or even at home. Made of durable metal and plastic, they should give years of service.

Our Hand Magnets are available in three sizes.

  • Model 71 has a pickup power rated at 3 lbs
  • Model 72 is rated at 5 lbs and is the most popular of the units
  • Model 74 is the heavy duty model with 9 lbs pickup power

If you handle nails, bolts or other small steel objects, you can not be without these units.


Standard Hand Magnets

Model Pickup Capacity in Lbs. Width Length Overall Height Weight in Lbs.
71 2 to 3 1-5/8″ 4-3/4″ 9-1/4″ 2 3/4
72 4 to 5 3-1/8″ 4-3/4″ 9-1/4″ 4 1/2
74 6 to 8 4-3/4″ 6-1/4″ 9-1/4″ 8
76 10 4-3/4″ 8-1/2″ 9-3/4″ 11
78 13 4-3/4″ 11-1/4″ 9-3/4″ 15

Long Handled Hand Magnets

Model Pickup Capacity in Lbs Width Length Overall Height Weight in Lbs.
71-30 2 to 3 1-5/8″ 4-3/4″ 32-1/2″ 6 3/4
72-30 4 to 5 3-1/8″ 4-3/4″ 32-1/2″ 8
74-30 8 to 9 4-3/4″ 6-1/4″ 32-1/2″ 12
Standard Hand Magnets have a nylon case.  A stainless steel lower case is available for hot or very abrasive material.