Magnetic Sweeper Bar


Magnetic Sweeper Bar

Magnetic Sweepers

Our powerful PERMANENT MAGNETIC sweeper bars are ideal for:

  • Parking Lots
  • Individual Shops
  • Warehouses
  • Truck Bays
  • Loading Docks
  • Airfields
  • Municipal Facilities

Any place where metal scraps, shavings, nails, tacks, or other ferrous metal parts are a problem. Our magnetic sweeper will end flat tire worries caused by ferrous debris forever.

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Magnetic Sweeper Bar Assemblies

Magnetic Sweeper Bar Assemblies are used to pick up nails, screws and other ferrous material from large areas such as streets, parking lots, runways, dispatch yards and factory areas.

Simply suspended from the forks of a forklift with the optional mounting hardware, from street sweepers or directly from the bumper of a truck. Optional wheel attachments are available for all sizes. A series of powerful permanent magnets gives maximum pick up efficiency without the use of electricity or moving parts. These units are compact, lightweight and are easily installed.

Magnetic sweepers come in four standard sizes and can be made in any special size up to 21 feet long.

Magnetic Sweeper Sizes

The standard sizes are:

  • 18″ long-P/N 115-204
  • 24″ long-P/N 115-210
  • 36″ long-P/N 115-202
  • 48″ long-P/N 115-211
  • 54″ long-P/N 115-203
  • 60″ long-P/N 115-212
  • 72″ long-P/N 115-201
  • 96″ long-P/N 115-213
  • 103″ long-P/N 115-214


Our Magnetic Sweeper Bars are the best solution for saving time and money on flat tires due to nails or scrap metal. Ideal for your parking lot, loading docks or warehouse traffic areas.

Unlike parking lot sweepers, our Magnetic Sweeper Bar requires no towing. Designed to be suspended from a fork of a forklift or directly below the front bumper of a truck to allow a minimum turning radius and a maximum sweeping coverage while providing the driver with a clear view of the sweeping operation.

Custom Sizes Available-Call or Email for pricing

Our Magnetic Sweeper Bars are a perfect addition to our Fodmaster® Rocksweeper Models RS-48, RS-96 and RS-150 Tri-Link Systems.


Attach Our Magnetic Sweeper Bar to your Vehicle

Our Magnetic Sweeper Bars are light weight with the 18″ unit weighing in at only 18 lbs and the 72″ unit is only 73 lbs in weight. The bumper of your truck can easily handle this minimum weight. Recommended operating speed is 5 m.p.h. with operating ground clearance of 3 -5 inches (7.6-12.7cm).

Rubber Wear Shield

Magnetic Broom

Keep your Magnetic Sweeper Bar lasting a lifetime with our Rubber Wear Shield made to protect the Magnetic Sweeper Bar from rough uneven surfaces, parking lot dividers, curbs and other obstructions that cause wear to the units black anodized aluminum casing. Simply replace the wear shield when it has worn through.

Magnetic Sweeper Bar Accessories

Optional accessories are available as follows:

  • Mounting Hardware, P/N MH-6: 2 Chains and 4 Quick Links
  • Rubber Wear Shield P/N 115-200D (Sold by the foot)

Special Double Power Units are available. These units give twice the reach enabling you to run them at higher ground clearance.

Magnetic Brooms

  • 18″ Wheel Assembly-P/N 115-207
  • 36″ Wheel Assembly-P/N 115-206
  • 54″ Wheel Assembly-P/N 115-209
  • 72″ Wheel Assembly-P/N 115-205