Waterjet Cutting Arkansas


Waterjet Cutting Arkansas
The fastest growing manufacturing technology in the world.

Need complex cuts?

We can provide them with our new OMAX 80160 JetMachining® Center. Tolerance and accuracy is within +/-.003″ and waterjet cutting leaves no burrs or thermal distortion.

AZ Industries offers industry leading, top quality and fast turnaround Water Jet Machining and Waterjet cutting services. We serve numerous industries, and can work rapidly on any project your firm or organization may require. AZ Industries is a top company for Waterjet Cutting In Arkansas.

With no material hardening or stress, we offer the best nesting ability possible. AZ Industries Waterjet Cutting Arkansas. We offer full service professional precision laser and waterjet services.


  • carbon fibre
  • ceramic

  • nickel alloy

  • composites

Architectural materials

  • marble

  • granite

  • glass

  • tile

  • stone

Waterjet Cutting in Arkansas for a wide range of materials

Our services are ideal for fast-paced demands such as aftermarket automotive, motorcycle and aerospace parts.

Quick turnaround with almost no set-up time offers the flexibility you require.

  • Hardened tool steel

  • Aluminum and titanium

  • Prototyping

  • Limited runs

  • Production parts

  • Limited runs

Virtually any job requiring maximum material yield

AZ Industries is dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective solutions for your machining needs. With our OMAX® 80160 bridge-style abrasive waterjet we can provide complex cutting of virtually any material. This state of the art technology offers flexibility and fast-turnaround from prototype to production.

Large scale precision machining: For larger parts or multiple parts from large stock up to 6′ x 12′.

  • Prototypes, production or limited runs on short notice

  • Smooth edges need no secondary processing

  • Production directly from .DXF files, CAD files or scanned images
  • Close part nesting assures maximum yield

  • Cuts virtually any material

  • Precise, intricate shapes with tolerances of ±.003”

  • No burrs, stresses or heat-affected zones

We are always happy to quote your projects large or small!

Call us today to discuss your specifications or email your part files to [email protected]