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AZ Industries, based in Hardy, Arkansas, USA is a major supplier of guitar pickup magnets across the world. We are competitively priced and offer fast lead times. As one of the top magnet suppliers in the nation, we can offer prices and selection for guitar pickups and magnets that is competitive, and quality made.

Guitar Pickups – Guitar Magnets

One or more permanent magnets, steel pole pieces, a stack of steel laminations and wound coils typically comprise the makeup of a guitar pickup.

Ceramic Bar, Alnico Bar and Alnico Rod magnets are the most common type of magnets that AZ Industries supplies to the guitar industry. We stock American made guitar pickup magnets as well as offshore material of various grades in the most commonly used sizes.

Specialty Guitar Magnets for Guitar Makersguitar pickup magnets

We can modify any of our stock sizes to meet your custom specifications. Special care is taken to avoid chips or pits on the ends which are a common complaint among pickup manufacturers.

We also offer chamfers and tumbling to remove rough edges and produce a finished look for guitar components. All of our magnets can be supplied as magnetized or demagnetized depending upon your individual needs.

Alnico Bars can also be supplied “rough cast” for a more vintage look. Our excellent customer service make ordering any sort of wholesale guitar pickup magnets a breeze.

Samples available to your custom specifications upon request.