Industrial Lifting Magnet

PowerBar® Magnetic Sweepers

Our Industrial lifting magnets eliminate the hassle of electric cords and awkward slings. They can’t fail due to power fluctuations. They have been proven safe and reliable for over 30 years. After 100 years, the magnets will still be over 99.5% strong! All lifting magnets use an easy hand release lever and are built to last with stainless steel casings and our high strength ferrite magnets. Use in tandem for heavier loads with a spreader bar. These magnets are also heat resistant up to 600-degrees Fahrenheit.

Magnetic Hoist Sizes

ModelPickup CapacityWidthLengthOverall HeightHeight of BaseWeight in Lbs
10572500 LBS6.500″16.250″6.750″2.50047
10371500 LBS6.500″13.750″5.250″1.87528
1037 JR1000 LBS6.500″9.500″3.875″1.87518
750600 LBS5.375″8.500″3.500″1.87513
350400 LBS3.750″9.500″3.375″1.87513

*Lift Capacity calculated on 1″ ground steel surface. Capacity provides 2:1 safety factor.

Are you looking to use a magnet for lifting steel instead of a traditional hoist?

An immediate advantage of our product is you can place it on top of the item being lifted, thus reducing the potential of damaging the item. If you use a sling or chain to lift your item, the item is at greater risk for damage due to the pressure applied by the chain or sling.

Since the hoisting magnet is on top of the item, it can be a safer way to lift because there is less “hands-on” interaction and less chance of injury.

A magnetic hoist is also often easier to move around and stores more easily than a hoist, chain, and sling.

Surface condition and air gaps are important considerations when considering hoist magnets. Magnetic fields are disrupted by air gaps that may exist between the magnet and the item being lifted – especially when lifting items with irregular or “bumpy” surfaces. Old paint, rust, dirt, paper, padding or other materials on the surface can effect hoisting magnets ability to lift.

Likewise, the better the magnet coming into contact with the item being lifted, the better the performance. A flush match, or flat to flat match, will produce the best results with an industrial lifting magnet.

For more information about safety protocols with our product, please refer to Overall Lifting Magnet Safety guide by the Association for Iron & Steel Technology.