Purion® Water Conditioner

Magnetic Water Conditioner

Magnetic water treatment for corrosion control, having been done for years in Russia and other European countries, comes to you with a new, more efficient design. Our patented magnetic water conditioner helps reduce the amount of corrosion build-up in your household water system.

Your pipes, faucets, solar system and other vital parts will last longer with reduced scale build-up. These units are currently being commercially installed with new solar systems.

There are no chemicals to add — you simply attach the Purion® magnetic water purifier unit to your incoming cold water line for coverage throughout the house system. Beyond that, there is no maintenance required.

There are no moving parts and the unit should outlast the water system of your house.

Call for available sizes and pricing on our Purion® magnetic water conditioners.

The Purion® Water Conditioner has been patented under U.S. Patent No. 5,161,512 and has been TueV certificate number S 9114578. Purion® is a trademark of AZ Industries, Inc. In Hardy, Arkansas