Base Magnets

Base Magnets / Pot Magnets

These are powerful, economical magnetic devices for use as bases, hold downs, brushless motor, magnetic switches, pumps, special motors, speakers, flow mere, medical devices, separators, sensors, and other applications.

They are made with ceramic magnets and steel housings.

AZ Part NumberHolding Strength
115 – 1710 lbs
115 – 2520 lbs
115 – 1835 lbs
115 – 2650 lbs
115 – 27110 lbs
115 – 29115 lbs
115 – 30200 lbs

Round Magnets | Base Magnets

Base Magnets are round magnets fitted inside a steel housing. They often are magnets with a countersunk hole in the center.  This hole can be manufactured in many different sizes. This type of magnet is also referred to as a pot magnet. Base magnets are shallow pot magnets encased with a metal housing.

How to use Base Magnets

One of the most common applications for base magnets is to attach a hook into the base magnet for attaching or connecting other parts or equipment. When selecting a base magnet, it is important to use a base magnet that is strong enough. You need to select a product with enough magnetic strength to hold the connection securely.

Wholesale Base Magnets

AZ Industries specializes in wholesale magnets and magnetic products. We provide competitive pricing for base magnets made to your specifications.

Ceramic Pot Magnets

We manufacture ceramic pot magnets for wholesale orders. We produce both large and small orders. We specialize in magnets. AZ Industries we can fill your order quickly and easily.