Magnetic Products


A simple, reliable solution for removal of foreign object debris on the flightline.

Magnetic Sweeper Bar

Powerful, black anodized, permanent magnetic sweeper bars. No power source required

Guitar Pick Up Magnets

Competitively priced with fast delivery times, we supply the magnets commonly used for guitar pick ups

The Pistol Magnet

The Pistol Magnet™ is a gun mount for those with concealed carry.

Magnetic Brooms

Heavy Duty Industrial Magnetic Brooms – one of out top sellers across America due to their sturdy construction and powerful magnetic strength.

Wind Power

AZ Industries is a leading manufacturer of magnets for the wind turbine industry.

Precision Magnets

Our Company was founded on making custom precision magnets. Today, this continues to be our primary business.

Private Labeling

Our private labeling service allows you to order wholesale magnets from our company and affix your own company label on the product for resale to your customers.

Magnetic Assemblies

Magnetic Assemblies of all types can be manufactured by AZ Industries. From the very simple to the very complex.

Base Magnets

Powerful, economical magnetic devices for use as bases, hold downs and other applications.

Purion® Water Conditioner

Magnetic treatment of water for corrosion control with a new, more efficient design.

Magnetic Imager

A special film that allows you to see magnetic fields.

Hand Magnets

As seen in the hardware stores for picking up nails and bolts. With a pull of the handle, all of the nails and bolts drop off.

Hoist – Lift Magnet

Our permanent Lifting or Hoist Magnets eliminate the hassle of electric cords and awkward slings. They can’t fail due to power fluctuations.

Magnetic Products USA

AZ Industries is a top supplier for magnetic products. We sell both wholesale and retail magnet products. We accept large and small orders. Located in Arkansas, our magnetic products are 100% manufactured and made in the USA. We produce neodymium magnets, permanent magnets, rare earth magnets, magnetic hoists, flexible magnets, magnetic assemblies, and many more magnetic supplies.

Supplying a full range of disc magnets, wholesale ring magnets, button magnets, block magnets, pot magnets, magnetic sweeper bars, guitar magnets, magnetic brooms, and magnetic strip, AZ Industries is your one-stop-shop for magnetic materials. As a custom manufacturer, fabricator, and distributor of all types of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies, AZ Industries supplies magnetic equipment worldwide

Magnetic Experts

Our technical experts are here to help. Whether it is sizing a magnet to fit an application, choosing the most cost-effective material, producing precision magnets, or explaining the differences in magnet materials, strengths, and tolerances; we are here to help.

We are magnet experts.

Competitive Prices for Magnetic Products

With years of experience manufacturing magnetic equipment, we can handle all your custom magnet needs. You can rely on us to make ordering magnets easy.

Whether you order online, submit a quote online or by fax or email, or simply contact us by phone, our AZ magnet team is ready to help with your magnetic products order. Our prices are competitive, our products are high quality, and our service is the best in the industry!