Permanent Magnets for Sale and Distribution

AZ Industries, Inc manufactures, supplies, and distributes permanent magnets for sale, and we carry them in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Our industrial and wholesale magnets includes neodymium, ceramic, samarium cobalt (SmCo), magnetic assemblies, and flexible magnets. We manufacture standard & custom magnets including precision magnet assemblies. All of our permanent magnets for sale are carefully designed and fabricated for optimal use.

A permanent magnet is an object made from a material that is magnetized and creates its own persistent magnetic field. Materials that can be magnetized are called ferromagnetic.

These include iron, nickel, cobalt, some alloys of rare earth metals, and some naturally occurring minerals such as lodestone.

Serving Industry Worldwide

As one of the very first manufacturers of permanent magnets and large industrial magnets, AZ Industries is a leader for magnetic research and development. We have manufactured wholesale and industrial permanent magnets since 1972. The purpose of AZ Industries is to provide expertise in the field of magnetics to industries, commercial users, medical applicants and energy conservationists worldwide. Our permanent magnets are perfectly suited for commercial or industrial uses.

Faster than our Competitors

If our stock size or permanent magnets for sale does not meet your needs, there is a good chance we have something that can quickly be modified to fit your specifications. This enables us to have the best lead times in the industry. Many times we can ship parts within a day or two.  AZ Industries, Inc. offers some of the fastest lead times in the magnet industry. Occasionally, we will need to custom make the magnet from scratch which will extend the lead time, but you will receive a product that meets your specifications exactly.

Wholesale Permanent Magnet Supplier

Supplying small or large production quantities at VERY competitive pricing, we offer DFAR Compliant Specialty Metals as well as offshore material. We can supply all grades of permanent industrial magnet materials in Alnico, Neodymium (Neo), Samarium-Cobalt (SmCo), Ceramic (Ferrite) and Flexible magnet materials.

Stock Wholesale Magnets

We keep a large inventory of DFAR Compliant and offshore magnets at all times. All materials are available in most grades directly from our stock.

Precision Magnets

AZ Industries specializes in tight tolerance precision permanent magnets, which have applications in aerospace, automotive, electronics, computer, medicine and many other enterprises. We offer our help in solving your problems with magnetism.

Industrial Permanent Magnets

The reason they are called permanent is because they do not require any sort of external source to maintain their magnetic fields.

Samples available upon request

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Specialty Magnets

At AZ Industries, Inc., we specialize in making very thin magnets, holding very tight tolerances, as well as speedy delivery. We custom fabricate magnets of any configuration. RoHs and DFAR Compliant Materials are available off the shelf in different configurations.

We supply all grades of the following materials
  • Alnico (Aluminum-Nickel-Cobalt)

  • Ceramic (strontium) also called ferrite

  • Samarium-Cobalt (SmCo)

  • Neodymium-Iron-Boron (often called “Neo”)

  • Flexible Ceramic

  • Magnetic Assemblies of all shapes and sizes using a variety of steels

  • Pole Pieces for magnetic circuits using a variety of standard and specialty steels

  • Various Garnet

All shapes and sizes of magnets including
  • Pins

  • Plugs

  • Disks

  • Rings

  • Rectangular Blocks

  • Square Blocks

  • Triangles

  • Arcs

The Magnet Casting Process

Magnet ingredients are melted and then poured into a mold to form a specific shape. The material is then processed with various heat-treat cycles sometimes in the presence of a magnetic field.

These are anisotropic magnets and have a specific magnetic orientation. Those that are not heat-treated in the presence of a magnetic field are isotropic and are much weaker than anisotropic magnets.

The Magnet Sintering Process

Magnet Ingredients are compacted in a press under several tons of pressure and sintered in a hydrogen atmosphere at 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. The material is then cooled either within a magnetic field or without a magnetic field.

Sintered magnets have lower magnetic properties than its cast counterpart but have better mechanical properties.

Download pdf reference guides for permanent magnets.