A Gaussmeter uses a probe to measure the magnetic field around a magnet at a specific location. The user positions the tip of the probe on the magnet or a pre-determined location near to the magnet. The sensing area of a Gaussmeter probe is at the tip of the probe. The closer the tip is to the magnet, the stronger the reading. A fixture can be made that will allow you to measure parts at the same place of reference each time and get repeatable measurements.

A transverse probe is held parallel to the surface to be measured. A axial probe is held perpendicular to the surface to be measured.

300 Series hall effect portable Gauss-Meters Typical Applications include:

  • Magnet classification
  • Analysis of magnetic circuitry and components

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

  • Measuring residual fields and speaker magnet assemblies

  • Solenoids,etc.


  • Gaussmeter with Transverse Probe, Case and AC Adapter P/N IDR-309-T — $525.00 each.
  • Gaussmeter with Axial Probe, Case and AC Adapter P/N IDR-309-A — $525.00 each.

  • Gaussmeter with Ultra-Thin Transverse Probe, Case and AC Adapter P/N IDR-309-T-UL — $575.00 each.

  • Gaussmeter with Transverse and Axial Probes, Case and AC Adapater P/N IDR-309-T-A — $650.00

  • Replacement Probes — $150.00

IDR-329-T Specifications

  • Portable w/ Dimensions: 5.8″*3.6″*2.5″
  • Range: 20 G, 200 G, 2kG, 20kG

  • Bandwidth: 68HZ at 3db

  • Comes with 9v DC adapter & hard carrying case

  • Analog Output: +/-200 mV DC FS

  • 3 1/2 digit bipolar display

  • Powered optional either by 9v battery or AC adapter

  • 3% error guarantee and even less based on the strength of magnet
  • Resolution: @ scale 20 G: 10 mG, @ scale 200 G: 0.1 G, @ scale 2 KG: 1 G & @ scale 20 KG: 10 G.

  • Shielded Hall effect transverse probe w/ 4′ shielded cable

  • 2 Years Parts & Labor warranty against manufacturing defects for the meter; 1 year warranty on the probe.

  • Certificate of calibration with data sweep

  • Active Area: 0.005″ x 0.005″

  • Made in the USA.