The Gun Magnet™

Comprehensive Details

  • Ideal For Ultimate Gun Concealment In All Situations.

  • Boasting a Revolutionary, Patent-Pending Design.

  • 25 lbs Minimum Holding Force.

  • Excellent Magnetic Gun Holder.

  • The Gun Magnet™ is Made In USA with top of the line American manufacturing. Quick Draw for Fast, Easy Retrieval of Handguns.

  • With a Rubber Coating, You Can Mount Anywhere in your Home, Safe, Office, or Vehicle Without fear of scratching Firearms.

  • Made with Powerful Rare Earth Magnets, The Gun Magnet™ is SUPER Strong!

Additional Information

With a minimum 25 lbs. holding force, The Gun Magnet™ is the ultimate gun concealment magnet!

The Gun Magnet™ is super strong, making it easy and effective to mount guns while providing easy, quick access for a quick draw. Featuring a patent-pending improved gun magnet design with better grip and easy removal, The Gun Magnet™ keeps your guns within reach at all times.

The Gun Magnet™ can be mounted anywhere from vehicles, gun safes, home or office under shelves, desks, nightstands, closets, bedrooms, above doors and much more.

With an improved design, The Gun Magnet™ lessens the possibility of the dangerous gun spin of round gun magnets.

All needed hardware for mounting is included and installation is quick and easy. Will not work with any non-ferrous materials (not containing or consisting of iron).

Special Editions and Private Labels Available.

Please Note: Due to lack of iron content, holding force may be less for any gun made from 400-series Stainless Steel, and may not hold as well. If that is the case, please see The Pistol Magnet™ in this catalog as a better option as it has more surface area.

Made In The USA with American Pride & Quality