When it comes to your magnet needs here at AZ Industries we have you covered! From our plethora of permanent magnet types to our plentiful magnetic products, we have what your business needs! If we don’t have premade magnet sizes that work with your product, we can also customize any of our magnet types specifically for your business’s needs! But what if you need a customized magnet, but also need an assembly to put it in? At AZ Industries we happily offer custom magnetic assemblies!

All types of magnetic assemblies can be made at AZ Industries. If you need a very simple assembly, we can make it! If you need an extremely complex assembly, we have you covered! Is your assembly made from a tough material? No problem! We can machine all different types of material for your custom magnet assembly. Due to our machining capabilities and specialties when dealing with all types of magnets and customization, even the most complicated and difficult orders for assemblies are normal for AZ Industries! This also means that we are able to make the assemblies and machine them on site, no needless shipping involved! By keeping the process in house, we are able to save our customers money and offer competitive pricing. Send us your assembly requirements and parameters so that we can help engineer exactly what you need!

If assemblies are not what you need we also offer a variety of services such as: cnc machining, waterjet cutting, and private labeling. This ensures that even if your business doesn’t need any of our magnets or magnetic products, that we can still offer specific and customizable services! Browse our large selection of bulk magnets, custom wholesale magnets, precision magnets, and magnetic products to find exactly what you need! If you have any questions at all about our products or customization options please contact us.