Magnets for Wind Energy Industry

Eco Supplier for Magnets for Wind Turbines and Wind Generators

AZ Industries Magnets supplies a wide selection of strong magnets and neodymium rare earth permanent magnets.

AZ Industries was promoting energy conservation before the green movement was popular. Such as promoting a 3,000-mile auto rally called Ener-Run featuring vehicles with alternative power systems. Read more on our press page.

With energy costs continuing to rise, consumers are looking to alternative, affordable renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power. Permanent magnet rotors are an essential part of wind power and use a variety of magnets ranging from ceramic to neodymium.

Much of the industry is moving towards rare-earth materials such as neodymium, which are higher in magnetism and result in higher energy production.

These magnets have ten times the power of conventional magnets and can be glued into place with good quality epoxy glues.

Wide Selection Wind Turbine Magnets

AZ Industries supplies a wide selection of Custom-Made neodymium rare earth permanent magnets for use in modern eco-friendly wind turbines.

AZ Industries also offers Custom-Made Samarium-Cobalt magnetic materials, alnico magnetic materials, ceramic magnetic materials and flexible magnetic materials.

We can supply all your magnetic needs.
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