WANT THE BEST AMERICAN MADE MAGNETIC GUN CONCEALMENT OPTION? We know, you’re tired of cheap, foreign-made imports. We are too! How about a new way to secure and store guns anywhere? THE ULTIMATE GUN CONCEALMENT SOLUTION, MADE IN AMERICA! Gun Magnet with a minimum 25 lb holding force! Made in USA and built to last with quality and pride! Improved, Patent-Pending Design Quick, Easy Access for a quick draw. Keep your Firearms within reach at all times Home, Office, Under Shelves, Desks, Nightstands, closets, bedsides, doors, walls and more WHY IS THIS GUN MAGNET BETTER THAN ALL OTHERS? Made from one of the top custom permanent magnet manufacturers in the world Made right here in the USA! Improved design lessens possibility of gun spinning Strong Hold, but easy removal for both Men and Women FEATURES WON’T SCRATCH YOUR FIREARMS. Rubber coated gun magnet, won’t scratch! Doesn’t feel “cheap” like other imported gun magnets Simple Installation. Mounts with included wood or machine screws. All Hardware Included Made with Super Powerful Rare Earth Magnets, minimum 25 lbs Patent-Pending Design NOTE:May not work with any non-ferrous (not containing or consisting of iron) guns. Alloys may lessen strength. Read all instructions and warnings MOUNT ANYWHERE In Vehicle- cars, trucks or SUVs for CCW In Gun Safe- better and easier than pockets or pouches In Vehicle- cars, trucks or SUVs for CCW (carrying concealed weapon) In Gun Safe- easier than pockets or pouches In Home or Office- under shelves, desks or nightstands, closets, bedsides, above doors, walls and more GET THEM WHILE THEY LAST! BE SAFE AND BUY AMERICAN! GUARANTEE Guarantee is easy. If not 100% satisfied, return it! BE READY! ADD TO CART AND ORDER NOW!